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  • Cell research published the latest results of Dr. Bo Zhong's research team

    On May 26, 2020, Prof. Bo Zhong’s group published an article entitled "USP29 maintains the stability of cGAS and promotes cellular antiviral responses and autoimmunity" on Cell Research ( In this study, they found a critical role of USP29 in the innate immune responses against DNA viruses and autoimmune diseases by regulating cyclic GMP-AMP sy...

  • Cell Stem Cell published the latest result of Haojian Zhang's research team

    On May 12, 2020, Prof. Haojian Zhang’s group published an article entitled " Leukemogenic Chromatin Alterations Promote AML Leukemia Stem Cells via a KDM4C-ALKBH5-AXL Signaling Axis" on Cell Stem Cell (DOI: In this study, they link chromatin state dynamics with expression regulation of m6A modifiers and uncover a selective and critical role of ALKBH5...

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